If you’re looking to make a quick but significant difference in your quality of life, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. There are quite a few products that make life easier and also won’t break the bank. We’ve put together a list of our favorites, so whether you’re looking for yourself or for good gift ideas under $50, here are our top suggestions.

- A quality water bottle. You might be surprised at how much better life seems when you’re properly hydrated! With a quality bottle that you won’t be embarrassed to carry with you, you’ll be much more likely to drink water all day long. A durable plastic bottle can be fine, but if you’re picky about taste or just prefer a sleeker look, try stainless steel.

- A pair of warm gloves. Cold fingers are the worst, and cheap gloves don’t do much to keep out the chill. A pair of gloves with layers for waterproofing and insulation can go a long way to improving your winter. They’re also great as stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts under $50.

- Shoe insoles. If you suffer from foot pain from plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions, adding a pair of insoles to your shoes can make a big difference in how you experience your day. With proper arch support and cushioning, you’ll be a lot more comfortable on your feet!

- A slow cooker. Modern life moves fast, and there’s rarely enough time for making a healthy dinner. Investing in a slow cooker means you can prep ingredients the night before and let it do the work for you all day. Come home to a tasty meal that’s ready to eat instead of picking up takeout.

- Good headphones. Whether you’re working out or working at your desk, music can help keep your mood upbeat. A pair of headphones with good sound helps you rock out to your tunes of choice and stay positive.

- The right pillow for you. Sleep is an extremely important part of health, and your pillow directly affects the quality of the rest you’re getting. From down to hypoallergenic filling to memory foam and more, you do have options. Find a pillow that’s best for your sleep position and other preferences.

As far as inexpensive products that change your life go, these are our favorites. If you or someone you know needs a pick-me-up, consider some of the items on this list to make improvements. What would you add to the list?