Insoles for Baseball Cleats

Get Your Child Ready for the Season

Spring is quickly approaching, which means baseball season is right around the corner! If your child plays baseball, you know now is the time to purchase new equipment and baseball cleats. But purchasing a new pair of shoes isn’t as easy as you’d think, especially if your child has complained about foot pain after a tough game or practice. If this sounds familiar, cleat insoles may be the perfect solution to ease your kid’s foot pain and help him enjoy his game more.

We know what you’re probably thinking. Not only do you have to figure out the best shoe for your child, but you also have to decide what insoles will add more support and comfort to the shoes. Where do you even start? Here’s a few steps to help make sure your child’s feet are ready for the upcoming season.


Get Personal with Your Child’s Feet

Before you purchase anything, take the time to get to know your child’s feet. If your child has complained about foot pain before, it’s possible he wasn’t wearing the right footwear. To make sure that doesn’t happen this season, go to your local podiatrist or running store to get a full foot analysis done. This analysis can tell you what type of pronation your child’s foot is. If he has normal pronation, he can wear almost any shoe without a problem. If his feet are overpronated, this means there is an excessive inward roll of the foot after landing and he needs a shoe that provides more stability and motion control. If his foot is underpronated, this means there is a lack of inward roll in his foot after landing and he needs a shoe that provides some extra cushion.

Once you understand a bit more about your child’s feet, you can start shopping for the right baseball cleats for his needs. If proper baseball cleats aren’t enough, there are sports shoe insoles that can provide an even greater level of comfort and stability.


Choosing the Right Insoles for Baseball Cleats

After you’ve picked out the right shoe, it’s time to decide what sports shoe insoles will offer the best support. When you’re considering different types of orthotic insoles, think about the type of foot pain or discomfort your child is having:

Pain from Plantar Fasciitis

If your child already suffers from plantar fasciitis, orthotic insoles can help relieve the foot pain and agitation he feels throughout the season. One of the best insoles to do this is the Pinnacle Full Length Orthotic Shoe Inserts. These insoles offer maximum support, with just the right combination of foot control, flexibility, and cushioning. This insole design offers built-in foot support and heel cradle for motion control, plus arch support for increased stability and comfort. Besides relieving plantar fasciitis pain, these insoles can help with metatarsal pain, heel or arch pain, or just general sore and aching feet.

Metatarsal Pain

The metatarsal bones are a group of five bones located between the tarsal bones of the mid-foot and the toes. If your child is suffering from metatarsal pain, there are a few different solutions available. For starters, there are the Pinnacle Plus Insoles that has built-in metatarsal support to spread and cushion the metatarsal heads to alleviate pain. It offers a semi-rigid arch support and heel cradle, giving your child increased support and stability during his game.

If an insole isn’t the direction you want to go, you can try the Metatarsal Foot Pads that help relieve the discomfort your child feels when he puts pressure on the ball of his foot during a game.

Heel Pain

If your child has complained about heel pain in the past and you’re beginning to worry about the long baseball tournaments he’ll be playing in throughout the summer, the SlimTech 3/4 Length Orthotics may be the ideal insoles for him. These insoles offer built-in arch and heel support for increased stability, and are ideal for all-day comfort to get him through hours of baseball games.

Arch Pain

Is your child feeling pain in the arches of his feet? While any of the insoles already mentioned can help relieve arch discomfort, the Pinnacle Jr and Sport-Tech insoles provides full contact arch support. The Sports-Tech's ultra thin design is perfect for cleats and tighter or narrower shoes.

The right pair of baseball cleats and insoles can make all the difference for your child during the baseball season. Keep his feet as comfortable and protected as possible so he can worry less about foot pain and enjoy baseball more!