kidsport insoles

KidSport® Cushioning Insoles are new, affordable full-length insoles specifically designed for children, with sizes to fit toddlers to teens. The insole is comfortable, attractive and designed specifically for a child’s foot shape.

KidSport is a fully cushioned, less aggressive option for children’s footwear, which often lacks sufficient cushioning or support. The dual-layer foam offers full-foot comfort and shock absorption, and the contoured arch shape and heel cup provide slight support with a soft, supportive feel. The top fabric is heat and friction-reducing with antimicrobial qualities to help prevent odor.

The new full-length insole is available in 12 sizes, fitting Toddler 9 all the way up to “big kid” Youth 6. Teens can transition easily from the KidSport style into the Powerstep® full length styles. These comfortable shoe inserts are an ideal alternative to arch support insoles for those who require more cushioning and less support. Wearing insoles can help prolong the life of the child’s shoe.