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“I was told numerous times that 'You will never be much of a runner again.' With the help of Powerstep products, I proved the naysayers wrong!"

In 2015 I tore four major ligaments in my left foot and ended up having two major surgeries. The repair involved placing (4) titanium screws in my midfoot to hold it together. The surgery created a very well-defined arch that must be protected at all times. After trying other brands of orthotic inserts, my favorite brand ended up being Powerstep. The fit, arch support, cushioning, durability, and wash-ability are the perfect combo for me!

Due to the nature of my injury, I was told numerous times that “you will never be much of a runner ever again.” With the help of Powerstep products, I proved the naysayers wrong! I use your products in all of my race shoes and it helps me to stay safe despite recently having 4 titanium screws in my foot.

I use Powerstep Pinnacle and Pulse Orthotics in all of my athletic footwear. The extra support allowed me to do several road and trail races including 10Ks and half-marathons. I did over 30 races in 2018 including 18 Spartan Races!

Prior to 2018, my longest running distance was 7 miles (in 2001). With the protective help of Powerstep beneath my feet, I surpassed that distance in 5 official races in 2018 and hope to gradually build towards marathon distances in 2019! I’ve still got work to do on my pace per mile, but each step is considered an absolute blessing to me!

Thank you Powerstep for the support and for making great products!!



I’m Josh Koehler. I am a husband, father and Marine Corps Veteran. In 2015 I had two major foot surgeries to repair 4 torn ligaments in the middle of my left foot. The surgeries involved placing 4 large titanium screws in my foot (since removed) in a criss-cross pattern to hold everything together. I rehabbed my way past those injuries and have re-captured a love for fitness through Obstacle Course Racing.

Due to the nature of my injury, I was never supposed to be much of a runner again... but with God’s grace and lots of training/rehab we proved the doubters wrong in 2018!! I completed 18 Spartan Races, about a half-dozen other Obstacle Course Races, and several trail races with Dirty Spokes Productions and Run Bum Tours. We continued with big visions in 2019:

- Up to 30 Spartan Races in 2019, including the US National Series, US Championship Series, and Spartan World Championship
- Regional and National OCRs such as Tough Mudder, Bonefrog, Savage Race, Rugged Maniac, etc.
- Military-based events with OscarMike and Operation Enduring Warrior
- USMC Marathon
- North American OCR Championships, Vermont

Upcoming Events:
- SoCal Spartan Super/Sprint
- Arizona Spartan Super/Sprint
- Jacksonville FL Spartan Super/Sprint (Start of Spartan US National Series)
- OCR World Championships Oct 2-4 in Vermont
- Bonefrog Florida
- Green Beret Challenge Florida
- March 28/29 - Georgia Savage Race
- April 4/5 - One of the 3 Spartan Race locations
- April 11 - Rugged Maniac North Carolina
- April 25/26 - Back to Back Spartan Beasts at Tri-State NJ
- June 20 - Barbarian Challenge
- June 27 - Indian Mud Run
- July 25/26 - Asheville NC Spartan Super/Sprint
- August 22/23 - Nashville Spartan Super/Sprint
- August 29/20 - West Virginia Spartan Trifecta weekend (US National Championship)