West Chester, OH. – PowerStep, the leading brand of orthotic insoles, is pleased to announce it has fully integrated the Sole Essentials and BraceFX brands, from its sister division, into its portfolio. Both brands offer high‐quality health and wellness products that complement PowerStep’s current product line. PowerStep customers and end‐users gain access to a wider variety of footcare accessories and supports and braces, combined with the outstanding customer service they have grown to expect from PowerStep. Sole Essentials offers products that improve well‐being and lead to comfortable, pain‐free feet. This full line of footcare accessories provide comfort, support, and pain relief for each part of the foot. Sole Essentials products address a range of conditions from bunions to heel pain, and everything in between. Designed for a variety of shoe types, Sole Essentials gives PowerStep customers additional ways to add comfort to their step.

BraceFX aims to help improve lives by empowering people to be healthy and active, at any age. BraceFX supports and braces are designed to stabilize joints and protect crucial muscles from the stress and strain of daily activities. They are ideal for injury prevention and recovery, enhancing fitness routines, or relieving pain from chronic conditions. With the addition of BraceFX’s full line of supports and braces, PowerStep customers now have even more options for support, protection, and pain relief.

About PowerStep:
Founded in 1991, by podiatrist and avid runner Dr. Les Appel, the first PowerStep insoles were created to provide ready‐to‐wear orthotics that would be both affordable and easily attainable for people struggling with common foot pain. Nearly 30 years later, PowerStep is the number one brand recommended by podiatrists and is a trusted solution for support and pain relief. With a growing catalog of over 40 products, ranging from insoles, to recovery footwear, to supports and braces, to footcare accessories, PowerStep continues to help people prevent pain and lead active, healthy lives. PowerStep products are available online and nationwide, through thousands of medical professionals and retail locations. For more information, visit www.powerstep.com.