If you suffer from foot pain, a running shoe insole can be an essential part of your running routine. However, using the wrong insole for your particular needs can actually increase foot pain rather than relieve it. Learn whether you need running shoe insoles and if so, determine the cause of the problem and the right solution.

Why Use a Running Shoe Insole?

As a runner, if you’re not experiencing any pain in your normal routine, you may not need an insole right away. But if, during training, you have pain in your feet or legs, there’s a good chance it could be something a running shoe insole could help relieve.

Insoles can effectively relieve:

  • plantar fasciitis pain
  • metatarsal pain
  • pain due to overpronation
  • ankle and knee pain
  • arch pain/flat feet

Running Shoe Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the most common conditions runners suffer from is plantar fasciitis, a problem in which the plantar fascia tissue on the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed and painful in the heel. An insole such as the Pulse or Pinnacle provides excellent cushioning for the foot as well as deep heel cradles to help with foot stabilization, relieve pain and improve your run.

Running Shoe Insoles for Flat Feet and Other Conditions

Pain while running can arise from a variety of other conditions as well, such as flat feet, incorrect alignment, overpronation, metatarsal problems and more. Not all problems can be solved with insoles, but many can be corrected or relieved. Browse insoles for running to find what you need for your individual case.

Shoe Inserts for Running as a Preventative Measure

If you aren’t currently experiencing pain during runs, this is fantastic news. You may not need an insole at this moment, but be aware that conditions such as PF can arise at any time due to factors like aging, increased activity, hormonal changes, poorly supporting shoes or running on uneven surfaces. To give your feet the proper support and reduce the chances of developing a painful condition in the future, consider running shoe insoles to protect your feet while you train.