If you’re a runner who suffers from foot pain, you know how important it is to find the right solution so you can get back to your training without injury. But with so many options out there, how do you find what’s best for you? We can help.

Determine the Cause of the Problem

The first step in choosing the right shoe insoles for running is to figure out what is causing your foot pain. For example, if you’re experiencing occasional dull heel pain or sharp and persistent heel pain that often seems to be worse in the morning, it’s quite possible that you have plantar fasciitis (PF). PF is one of the most common foot ailments in runners and is treatable with the right products.

Note that if you’re unsure what your symptoms might point to, you should make an appointment with a podiatrist to discuss and diagnose your condition and to get professional recommendations on treatment options.

If you simply suffer from general ball-of-foot, arch, or heel pain, read below to make an informed decision about the best running shoe insoles for you.

Choose Your Running Shoe Insoles

There are a lot of shoe insole brands out there, but Powerstep®, which produces a variety of orthotics, is actually the number 1 podiatrist recommended brand of pre-fabricated orthotics (that is, not custom made), according to Podiatry Management Online*. Which Powerstep orthotic is right for you?

PULSE®. We specifically designed the PULSE for rigorous activity like running. The built-in arch support and heel cradle stabilize the foot and improve alignment. If you have fallen arches, shin splints or muscle cramps, as well as PF or mild to moderate overpronation, and need shock absorption, choose the PULSE.

Original Full Length. Powerstep’s original design provides moderate cushioning for your foot and full support. It’s ideal for metatarsal, arch or heel pain, mild overpronation, PF, as well as ankle and knee pain. Choose the Original Full Length if you prefer insoles for running that offer full length, total contact support and a low profile so that they fit in a variety of shoe styles.

Pinnacle Maxx and Pinnacle Full Length. The Pinnacle is our most popular insole due to its versatility. It provides the perfect blend of cushioning and support with the semi-rigid arch support and heel cradle for motion control. It is suitable for PF, metatarsal pain, heel or arch pain and discomfort, mild to moderate pronation and sore, aching feet. Choose the Pinnacle Full Length if you need total contact support with a softer feel and are a mild to moderate pronator, or choose the Pinnacle Maxx if you are a more moderate to severe pronator and need firmer arch support.

ArchLite® Full Length. We realize some runners prefer increased cushioning, not extra support. The ArchLite provides dual-layer cushioning with slight contouring, making it an ideal replacement for standard shoe insoles.

Archmolds®: Lean, Standard and Maximum. Heat moldable shoe insoles for runners allow for a personalized fit with arch support and a deep heel cradle for stability. The Lean offers the lowest profile with slight cushioning and full support; the Standard offers moderate cushioning with full support; the Maximum gives you maximum cushioning for shock absorption and full support.

Journey® Hiker and Journey® Wool. For trail runners, we offer the Journey Hiker, with a firmer arch support to stabilize your feet on rugged terrain, and the Journey Wool, with semi-rigid arch support and heel cradle as well as insulating wool fabric to regulate temperature within your shoes.

Choose your best shoe insoles for running based on this information and be prepared to have a better run. Still not sure which product is right for you? Contact us with any questions you may have.

* Podiatry Management Online. “Which brand of pre-fabricated orthotics do you dispense in your office?” Survey. http://podiatrym.com/photo.cfm?photoid=8884. Nov. 25, 2013.