There’s nothing like showing you care during the holiday season by choosing gifts based on the recipient’s personality and preferences. If you’ve got a runner in your life and you want to give a present that reflects their passion, you’re in luck! Here are our top 10 gift ideas for runners so you don’t have to rack your brain to think of something great.

  1. Gadget holder. These tend to wear out relatively quickly and a new one is generally always welcome. Get your runner an arm band or lightweight running belt to carry their music device and maybe small snacks.
  3. Water bottle or hydration system. An extra water bottle is always appreciated – make sure to choose a light BPA-free plastic option that’s easy to hold. If you’re looking for gift ideas for marathon runners specifically you may want to look for a full hydration system to make it easier for your runner on race days.
  5. Compression socks. Take care of your runner with compression socks to enhance circulation. For added safety choose a calf sleeve that is reflective to increase visibility during dark winter runs.
  7. Shoe insoles. If you’re able to sneak a peek inside your runner’s shoes to determine their preferred type of insoles, this can be a great holiday gift. Runners need the support and cushioning of their insoles, but may not always remember to replace them when they’re getting worn.
  9. Pain relief supports and bracing. For the runner who’s suffered an injury or foot pain, a simple strap or wrap can make a big difference. Try the PF Arch Wrap for plantar fasciitis sufferers, the Patella Strap for runner’s knee, the IT Knee Band for Iliotibial Band Syndrome or the Achilles Tendon Strap for Achilles tendonitis.
  11. Breathable running clothes. This gift idea for runners only works if you’re close enough to your runner to reliably guess the type of clothing they prefer for their runs. Runners can be very picky about their clothing – and with good reason. Definitely stay away from cotton fabrics for your runner.
  13. Gift card to a sporting goods or specialty running store. This is a fantastic choice if you want to emphasize your runner’s interests but don’t quite feel comfortable making decisions on their gear for them. A gift card allows your runner to pick out their own new running shoes or other equipment, making sure it’s exactly the right fit.
  15. Foot care package. What a luxury for your runner to take good care of their feet! Whether it’s a prepackaged basket of creams and lotions or something you pull together with a variety of products, this will be a meaningful gift. Find fresh-smelling foot scrub and muscle rub to really treat your runner.
  17. Smartwatch. If you’re looking for a big-ticket item this holiday season, a new smartwatch could be just the thing. Make it easy for your runner to track distance and time, along with heart rate, calories burned and other fitness goals.
  19. Gifts from the heart. If your runner already owns all the equipment they could possibly need and you’re at a loss as to what else you could possibly contribute, this might be the year to go really heartfelt. We found a variety of thoughtful and tasteful running gift ideas on Etsy that your runner is sure to love.

Do you have other ideas we missed, or have you received a wonderful holiday gift as a runner? We’d love to hear about it!