You’ve got the best clothes, the perfect shoes and the right attitude for your run. Why should you add shoe insoles to your gear? If you want a safe run with healthy feet and legs, here are some important benefits of shoe insoles for running.

  1. According to Runner’s World, “about 15 percent of all running injuries strike the foot,”* which is not surprising. And plantar fasciitis is one of the most common of all foot ailments, affecting runners in large quantities. The condition occurs when a band of tissue on the bottom of the foot is strained and inflamed, and it results in pain in the heel. Insoles for running shoes help reduce strain to the Plantar Fascia tissue and prevent PF by providing proper cushioning and arch support.

  2. General knee and ankle pain are common complaints among runners as well. By wearing insoles for running, such as Powerstep’s PULSE®, runners can reduce stress on knees and ankles and stabilize the feet. Foot orthotics may reduce strain around soft tissues in the ankle and enhance muscular strength.**

  3. Shin splints can cause serious injuries – not to mention delays in getting back to regular workouts. Running on hard surfaces without proper footwear can result in shin splints, but one of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to make sure your feet are properly cushioned with running shoe insoles.

  4. Metatarsalgia and metatarsal fractures are another common problem for runners and again are issues that can be easily prevented. Providing the right support and cushion reduces the shock and stress placed on metatarsal bones in the foot. Shoe insoles for runners protect the metatarsal bones from the shock and pressure they can suffer during running.

  5. For those with overpronation, insoles for running are essential to avoid injuries that can arise due to fallen arches or flat feet. By correcting overpronation with the right insoles, runners take steps to prevent shin splints, bunions, ankle sprains and other problems.

All of this proves that a small investment in insoles will pay off in the long run. Browse Powerstep’s collection today to find the best shoe insoles for running.

** Douglas R. “Chronic Ankle Instability: Can Orthotics Help?” Podiatry Today. Oct 2006. Vol 19-Iss 10.