We salute those winter weather fans who rush out to greet the cold and snow with a smile. For the rest of us who can never seem to get warm from November to April, we’ve come up with some winter tips to stay warm so you can enjoy the colder season too! Try this advice to enjoy the winter this year.

Get up and move. While curling up under a blanket is one of the most tempting things to do when it’s cold out, your body will thank you if you get it in motion. With your heart pumping and blood flowing, you’re much more likely to feel at a comfortable temperature. Even the smallest of movements can make a big difference – run in place, wave your arms or do some jumping jacks to boost your metabolism.

Wear the right outer gear. Just because a coat or pair of boots looks warm doesn’t mean it is. Do your research and purchase winter gear that will actually protect you from the elements. Your coat and shoes should be waterproof and well insulated. Wear a hat or hood outdoors to prevent losing body heat through your head.

Accessorize for warmth. Choose gloves that close firmly over your wrist to keep out cold air. Earmuffs or headbands can be excellent additions under your hood. To keep feet warm in winter, try a wool insole that helps regulate temperature and reduce moisture in your shoes.

Eat the right food. Spicy foods like jalapenos and cayenne pepper can help you feel warm, as well as ginger, whole grains, coconut oil and honey. Be sure to get the right balance of carbs, protein and fat in your winter diet.

Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol. Although a stiff drink is often thought of as a way to warm up, it will actually lower your body temperature. If you really want to stay warm, drink plenty of water – even ice water!

As you’re heading out into winter weather this year, do your best to get warm before leaving the house – you’re likely to find that if you start out cold, you have a harder time warming up. With a little practice and the right equipment, you can enjoy the cold weather.

Winter weather fans, what are some of your best secrets for keeping warm? Let us know in the comments!