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Powerstep Brand Ambassadors are authentic in their love for Powerstep! They are influential and inspirational people impacted by our products. These passionate Powerstep advocates embody Powerstep brand values – they are EVERYDAY HEROES.

Powerstep cushions, comforts and supports the body.
Powerstep improves lives.
Powerstep gets you back to doing what you love.   

Powerstep brand ambassador Powerstep brand ambassador Powerstep brand ambassador Powerstep brand ambassador
Matt Freiman
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Jorge Jabaz
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Anthony Kapasakis
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Josh Koehler
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powerstep brand ambassadors

What they say:

"The [Powerstep® Fusion®] sandals are great. I've spent years rotating through various types of open- toed sandals, with my main goal being two-fold: give my feet a chance to breathe while also experiencing a certain degree of comfort. These sandals have proven to provide both. They are my go-to footwear when I'm not in my work boots and not training (run shoes or cycling shoes). The time I spend between training for sport and being on the job needs to be restful and recuperative for my feet. These sandals bring instant relief to my stressed, tense, and sometimes swollen feet! As a habit, I wear them into and out of work (yep, they are indeed fashionable) and they are the first thing I put on after a hard bike ride or run. There's no debate these are hands-down the most comfortable sandals I've ever worn." - Matt Freiman

"The [Powerstep® Fusion®] sandals are great! They feel just like the insoles providing arch support. I have been trying out the Pulse Air. It’s great! It may replace the Protech Full Length insoles in my running shoes. " - Brian Abner

"Powerstep Light Orthotics helped correct biomechanical issues and allowed me to push my body to new heights, go through a work day pain-free and let me be the best version of myself." - Anthony Kapasakis