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Powerstep® is the gold standard in ready-to-wear orthotic shoe insoles. Our unique podiatrist-designed products are proven to be effective for most people who currently have heel and arch pain, or those who want to prevent it. Powerstep is used by people from all walks of life: runners and athletes, construction workers and doctors, food service workers and nurses, and everything in between. If you want to relieve foot pain or prevent it altogether, try Powerstep insoles.

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Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx
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Maximum cushioning and maximum support in a full length design. Deeper heel cradle and increased firmness for maximum stability. Slightly angled exterior heel platform for even greater control. Double layer cushioning from heel to toe.

Powerstep Pinnacle
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Maximum cushioning and full support in a full length design. Double layer cushioning from heel to toe with a built-in heel cradle and arch support.

Pinnacle Plus Pinnacle Plus
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Maximum cushioning and full support in a full length design. Excellent ball-of-foot pain inserts with built-in metatarsal pad helps align and cushion the met heads to alleviate pain.

Pinnacle Pink Pinnacle Pink
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Maximum cushioning and full support in a full length design. Double layer cushioning from heel to toe with a built-in heel cradle and arch support.

Powerstep Pulse

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Maximum cushioning and full support in a full length style. Designed specifically for use as athletic or running shoe inserts for ball-of-foot pain and heel pain.

Powerstep Original

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Moderate cushioning and full support in a full length design for use in men's and women's casual, dress and athletic shoes.

Powerstep SlimTech

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Moderate cushioning and full support in a 3/4 length design. Ideal for use in men's and women's casual, dress and athletic shoes.

Powerstep FlexiArch

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Mild cushioning and full support in a 3/4 length design. Formed arch support and metatarsal feature from EVA cork. Ideal for use in men's and women's casual and dress shoes.

Powerstep Signature Leather Full-Length
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Moderate cushioning and full support. Women’s and men’s dress shoes with arch support are hard to come by. These premium dress insoles with supple top cover and built-in arch support are ideal for use in dress shoes.

Powerstep Signature Leather 3/4-Length
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3/4 Length moderate cushioning and full support. Premium dress insoles with supple top cover and built-in arch support. Ideal for use in dress shoes.

Powerstep SlenderFit
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Maximum cushioning and full support in an ultra-slim, tapered design. Ideal for use in women's fashion footwear including high heels. Unique shape integrates an arch support and heel cradle. Ball-of-foot pain inserts provide extra cushioning for additional comfort and protection.

Powerstep ComfortLast
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Shock-absorbing gel technology and slow-recovery foam for maximum comfort. Anatomically contoured shape incorporates an arch support and heel cradle for enhanced comfort. Ideal for all-day comfort in any shoe or increased support while walking or jogging.

Powerstep WideFit
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Maximum cushioning and maximum support in a wider profile insole specifically designed for widths 3E to 6E. Firmer arch support and double layer cushioning provide increased comfort and prevent "bottoming out" under weight.

Powerstep Journey Hiker
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Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the Journey Hiker offers a firmer arch and dual-layer cushioning for use on rugged terrain.

Powerstep Journey Wool
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Features a supple wool top fabric for excellent moisture-wicking and temperature regulation. Insulating against heat and cold, the wool also offers a layer of cushioning, combined with foam, for comfort in all seasons.

Powerstep PowerKids
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3/4 Length Pediatric Insoles - Functionally correct prefabricated insoles for pediatric feet

Powerstep UltraStretch
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Helps alleviate the heel pain associated with common overuse injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis when taking those first morning steps

Powerstep Plantar Fasciitis Calf Sleeves
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Gradient compression calf sleeves combined with plantar fascia arch support

Powerstep Plantar Fasciitis Support Sleeve
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Ideal for daily use in reducing arch and heel pain or symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Powerstep UltraFlexx
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Holds the foot in proper position to stretch and strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the foot and lower leg. Increases flexibility and strength to help prevent and treat injuries.

Powerstep Plantar Fasciitis Arch Wrap
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Allowed for controlled and targeted compression to the arch to ease symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Powerstep Dorsal Night Splint
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Offers relief from the morning pain and discomfort associated with minor to severe, or chronic cases, of Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis.

Powersteps ArchBoosters
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Even more support for fallen arches or flat feet.

Powersteps Metatarsal Pads
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Dress shoes and heels - without the pain!



"I bought the powerstep pinnacle and I am writing because I have been suffering for a whole year with the worst plantar fascitis. I have been using this insole for 3 days and the pain is gone. I am so happy that I will recommended them to everybody that I know who suffers from PF. Thanks for a wonderful product." - Blanca R.

“I have plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and at the end of the day my feet are very tired and ache terribly... I bought a pair of the Pinnacle Maxx... At the end of 10 hour day on concrete, my feet do not hurt, and do not ache... Thank you for a great product that really works. I will continue to buy this product as long as it is made in the USA, and you maintain the quality of the insert. Rest assured I will spread the word.” - Rickey W.

“I just ordered a pair of your Pinnacle insoles to replace the pair I have had for 5 years now! I LOVE these insoles. I am a over pronator and wearing these insoles has eliminated the knee and hip pain that I had experienced for years! As a matter of fact, the knee pain comes on very quickly when I am wearing shoes that I am unable to use these insoles! Just needed to let you all know what a fabulous product this is!!” - Pam M.

“There are two major improvements in my life that I give 100% credit to Pinnacle. 1) The more obvious one - which is physical. I can run and run forever! I'll get more into that shortly.2) The MENTAL balance and clarity I have as a result of being able to do physical things painlessly is INCREDIBLE. I was barely a runner and one year in, I've run 2 half marathons, I now pace for a run club in NYC and am training for my first marathon in November. I've been running in Powerstep Pinnacle's and really am looking forward to trying the PULSE versions (if I can find them!). I've got 5 different people to buy these insoles and the overwhelming response has been "These are amazing Pete!!” Keep up the great work from a customer whose life has been changed. Thank you.” - Pete

“I Love These Insoles!!!! I was diagnosed with planters fasciitis and was shown these by the Scott and White Footwear Store. The store closed and I haven't been able to find these for years. I finally found y'all! I am so excited I could cry. These insoles changed my life. I couldn't walk. My feet hurt so bad. These insoles fixed me. Thank you so much! ” - Annette C.

“I teach Zumba, Body Combat, Body Pump, & do a lot of hiking. I have planter fasciitis, tore my tendon & was told I would have to invest in custom orthotics. I tried Pinnacle Maxx and have been comfortable ever since. Not only that but some of the girls in my classes are now wearing them that actually had knee issues, and they are also loving their insoles :)” -Kimberly C.

“Over the past 3 months with hundreds of miles logged and some long days of training for my ultra, the day finally came. I completed my first 100k Ultra pain free thanks to the PULSE orthotics. I enjoy them so much I bought a second pair for my work shoes... WoodStock-2013 100k, Pinckney, Michigan." - Rob W.

“Thank you, they are incredibly comfortable! You guys have done a terrific job with these.” - Dean K.

“I’ve used the Powerstep Original model for several years now and it’s enabled me to endure marathon training and 2 marathons per year along with other races. Most of the alternatives focus on cushioning, not arch support. I wouldn’t run without these!” - R. Pritchard

“What do you get when you combine a podiatrist, foot surgeon, and runner all in one person? Someone who creates some of the best orthotics on the market! Powerstep products have been around for over 20 years. And my big question is, why did it take me so long to discover them?!” – Jill H.

“No joke, these things changed my life. I am a happy runner again!” - Stacy

“This product is GREAT! It has allowed me to play basketball nearly pain free. It is high quality and I will be buying Powersteps for all my future orthotic needs! Thank you Powerstep!” - John

“I would recommend these to anyone that has Plantar Fasciitis.” - Jose

“I run about 1,500 miles per year and I was afraid I would have to start using doctor prescribed orthotics to make my hip pain go away, but these did the trick.” - Michael W.

“I have tried at least 4 types of inserts and 3 pairs of shoes...FINALLY found the insert that I can no live without....after painful steroid injections and daily icing, stretching, I went back to my old Powersteps (I had gone away from the product and tried a new different one)...and within 3 days....the PF started I went online and had the store order me the new Powerstep.....thank you for your product...nurse on my feet at least 12-15 hours a day.” – Christine

“I received a pair of the ProTech for horrible pain I was suffering from due to a recently shattered navicular. After wearing them for a couple of hours, I was pain-free and have remained so ever since! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” - Steve

“What a change! The ProTech works. All day on a tile floor at a restaurant, and my feet, knees, and back still feel good.” – Mitchell

I now own 8 pair of these inserts. For a while, I switched them between several pairs of shoes…and finally, I purchased enough so I wouldn’t have to keep switching them out. They work in dress shoes, running shoes and casual shoes. Within the first 3 months of using these, all of my heel pain receded. My tendons and ligaments returned to their normal condition and I don’t hurt anymore.” – Andrew

“I had customs built a few years ago, and they did nothing for me. Had a boot and injections back then too. Nothing helped. My heel spur pain was sharp went to a dull feeling the last couple of years which was plantar fasciitis. Finally, I made an appointment with my new podiatrist and he lead me to these. THANK GOD!! I now have my life back. Such a great improvement. Thank you!! One product I can say I'm proud to come out of the USA.” – Sherry


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