Contoured Inner Sole

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Powerstep's Contoured Inner Sole enhances comfort and improves the fit and function of a standard post-op shoe. Anatomical contouring promotes more natural and comfortable ambulation during recovery phase.

Ideal for post-op protection, forefoot trauma, fractures/stress fractures, mid-foot sprains, acute plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Sized by US shoe size. Choose left or right.

Covered under US Patent D718,028

  • High quality, durable EVA foam
  • Deep heel cup cradles
  • Built-in arch support
  • Easily trimmed or cored to offload an ulcer, incision or boney prominence
  • Right or left specific
  • Simple sizing by shoe size
  • Interchangeable with the Powerstep® Square Toe Post-Op Shoe (Model 7500), sold separately
  • Cushions the foot
  • Cradles the heel for rear foot control
  • Provides proper positioning and biomechanical support to prevent pronation
  • High quality, durable EVA foam, Black
  • Indications: Post-op Protection, Forefoot Trauma, Fractures/Stress Fractures
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Application Instructions:

  1. Remove standard insole from Powerstep® Square Toe Post-Op Shoe
  2. Remove paper strip from adhesive on bottom of contoured inner sole.
  3. Insert contoured inner sole into the Square Toe Post-Op Shoe with the heel cup against the back of the shoe
  4. Press firmly in place

Care Instructions: Wipe down with damp cloth as necessary. Allow to fully air dry before using. Do not machine wash or dry.

Warning: This product is intended for single patient use. Always consult a medical professional when experiencing persistent pain, discomfort or swelling. This device is only one element in an overall treatment program. There is no guarantee that injury or symptoms will be resolved with the use of this product. The information provided herein is for educational and reference purposes only.