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Terms of Use

These images are provided by Stable Step, LLC to its Dealers and Distributors to assist them in marketing Powerstep® products. These images contain valuable marketing materials, including Powerstep’s copyrighted text and images and registered trademarks and service marks. These images are provided if you agree to the following Terms of Use.

  1. Intellectual Property & License. These images are the property of Stable Step, LLC. The mark Powerstep, the Powerstep logo and other Stable Step, LLC trademarks and service marks are protected by United States trademark and service mark registrations and common law rights. The text and images are protected by copyright rights. These rights are, and will remain, the exclusive property of Stable Step, LLC. You are hereby granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce and display the Powerstep images and advertisements in accordance with this agreement. It is illegal to use the Powerstep images and advertisements in any manner, including advertising, promotion or in association with the name of a dealership/distributor other than in accordance with this agreement. All intellectual property rights that you are authorized to use are forfeited immediately upon termination of your status as a Powerstep Dealer or Distributor, or upon written notice from Stable Step, LLC.

  2. Use of the Powerstep Images and Advertisements. Each Powerstep image and advertisement must be used in its entirety as it appears in the images provided including any and all text and copyright and trademark notices. Any use of the Powerstep images in connection with your business, including use in advertising or on the Internet, must include (I) your company's trade name more prominently displayed than the Powerstep mark, (II) a statement that the marks Powerstep, the Powerstep logo and the other registered Stable Step, LLC marks are registered trademarks and service marks owned by Stable Step, LLC and (III) your full, legal business name and mailing address. The Powerstep images may not be used in a manner that indicates or creates the impression that Powerstep sponsors your services or goods, advertisements, web sites or other marketing materials in any media. Powerstep images may only be used in connection with the product featured or described in that particular Powerstep advertisement and you may not sell any Powerstep products under any product name that differs from that used by Stable Step, LLC. The Powerstep images and advertisements, or any portions thereof, may only be used in connection with the sale of Stable Step, LLC products. Any use of the mark “Powerstep” in connection with your business will include the registered symbol.
Powerstep® is a registered trademark of Stable Step, LLC.