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Marketing Light Orthotics in Your Practice


We know your patients will love their Light Orthotics, but how do you generate interest initially? Aside from your clinical recommendation, here are some marketing tools we recommend using in your practice.


Patient Brochures

Patient brochures are perfect for the waiting room, front desk, and treatment rooms. While your starter kit came with 25 patient brochures, we always want to make sure you’re fully stocked. Want more brochures or brochure holders? Just ask! Contact Customer Service at 888-237-3668 or info@powersteps.com to request more brochures at no charge.

Light Orthotics Posters

Perhaps the best tool to reach patients about Light Orthotics is our 24"x36" poster. This emphasizes the speed and ease of making a pair of custom orthotics, along with a prompt to ask the doctor about Light Orthotics. Make sure you have enough posters for your waiting room and treatment rooms. Contact your rep at 888-237-3668 to request free Light Orthotics posters.

Digital Ads

Want to promote Light Orthotics on your website? Use our standardized digital ads and hyperlink them to our website for more information. We have a variety of size options to choose from to best fit your website’s layout. To request digital ads, complete the Image Use Agreement and send it to marketing@powersteps.com.

digital ads

Logos, Pictures and Custom Ads

Just looking for logos or pictures to incorporate into your own advertising or social media posts? Do you need help creating a customized ad or adding your business’s logo to our Light Orthotics templates? We’ll provide marketing assistance at no charge! Complete the Image Use Agreement and send it to marketing@powersteps.com to get started.

Light Orthotics Video

If you have informational videos playing in your waiting room, add the Light Orthotics video to the list! This short, professional video by Dr. Alan Jacobsen, the founder of Light Orthotics, explains the revolutionary new technology of Light Orthotics and the simple process of making a pair. Request a copy of this video by completing the Image Use Agreement and sending it to marketing@powersteps.com.