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Growing Your Light Orthotics Business
8/27/18Growing the Light Orthotics business

With a few steps, you can easily grow your output of Light Orthotics and maximize your overall orthotic revenue. Throughout the process, be intentional about how you position Light Orthotics within your practice to effectively reach your patients.... Read more

New Kids' Prethotic Sizes

You asked – we delivered! Pediatric sizes of Light Orthotics Prethotics are available from Powerstep. You can now offer affordable, compliant, same-day custom orthotic treatment for kids. Designed specifically for kids’ unique foot shape, these are perfect for children’s footwear. Click here to learn more.... Read more

Patient Frequently Asked Questions
8/27/18Forming and customizing Light Orthotics

Patients may have a lot of questions about the new custom orthotic technology you're offering them. We've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers for your patients to help them understand the advantages and benefits of Light Orthotics... Read more

Online Ordering with Powerstep’s B2B Portal

Are you placing orders for Prethotics through our B2B portal? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity! Get signed up today and receive a promo code for 10% off of 5 orders placed on the portal. Click here to get started. ... Read more

Patient Interactions and Common Indications

Not sure when to recommend Light Orthotics or uncomfortable selling orthotics to patients? It’s okay! We’ve created a guide to help improve your patient interactions and know when to discuss Light Orthotics as a treatment option. ... Read more

Customizing Light Orthotics
7/25/18Forming and customizing Light Orthotics

Did you know that Light Orthotics gives you full control over the customization of each orthotic? If you want a deeper heel cup, longer shell, wider forefoot, or a higher arch, Light Orthotics has the perfect option for you. Check out this guide for our favorite customization tips and tricks! ... Read more

Powerstep® Orthotics Modification Kit
6/18/18Modification Kit

Looking to modify Light Orthotics or customize other orthotics for your patients? Take a look at our new Orthotics Modification Kit for a variety of pads, wedges, lifts, and more – all in one convenient carry box! ... Read more

Marketing Light Orthotics in Your Practice
5/14/18Light Orthotics

Did you know that Powerstep has a variety of free tools to help you generate interest for Light Orthotics among your patients? Take advantage of our brochures, posters, digital ads, and more – available to you at no cost! ... Read more