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Powerstep was founded in 1991 by a podiatrist, who was also a foot surgeon and runner. After years of analyzing thousands of casts, it became apparent that there were a few common orthotic shapes that seemed to relieve most patients' foot pain. There was a need for a ready-to-wear orthotic that would effectively relieve foot pain, in many instances more affordably and more conveniently than custom made orthotics.

Powerstep's mission is to provide the most effective products available for preventing and relieving common foot problems. Powerstep products incorporate the average dimensions obtained through computer analysis of thousands of feet for a superior design and each Powerstep product is made with superior materials. The first Powerstep orthotics were sold in 1992 to podiatrists and running store specialty retailers. Powerstep is now the leading brand of orthotics prescribed by a range of medical professionals and available in retail locations nationwide.

Today we are an Employee-Owned Company with a commitment to servicing our customers with the quality products they expect from Powerstep. The majority of our insoles are designed and manufactured in Ohio. Our manufacturing facilities are registered to strict quality standards and we're committed to supporting US-made products.

Powerstep's lineup of styles include different levels of cushioning in various sizes and lengths to accommodate many different types of shoes and alleviate a variety of foot issues. We hope after exploring our line of products with your local medical professional or retailer that you'll find a Powerstep orthotic that works for you.

In 2014 Powerstep acquired the Archmolds line of Heat Moldable Insoles to improve the product offering to existing customers. Archmolds provide a custom-like, personalized fit and mold to the shape of the foot without compromising support. Archmolds insoles help support and align the body properly during daily activities or while walking, running, skiing and hiking. They also aid in the relief and the prevention of many common problems including heel and arch pain due to Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, runner’s knee, overpronation and knee and back pain.

The key to the company's success has been a combination of effective, innovative products, outstanding customer service, and strong brand name recognition by professionals and consumers.

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