PowerKids® 3/4 Pediatric Orthotics

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Maximum Cushioning, Maximum Support

Affordable, easy-to-use, prefabricated orthotics for kids – similar fit and function of custom-made products. Provides rear-foot stability by properly positioning and cradling the heel. Built-in arch support for kids vertically lifts and supports the arch and restores proper alignment to the mid-foot and forefoot. These 3/4 length kids insoles are comfortable on the forefoot and toes.

An ideal orthotic insole for mild to moderate pronation (flat feet), lacking arch and foot support or proper alignment and balance, excessive motion and muscle fatigue, and foot pain and discomfort among other common foot conditions.

Covered under US Patent D701,028

  • Firm but flexible arch support and heel cradle
  • 2-degree, mildly angled heel platform
  • 3/4 length Dual-layer, shock absorbing cushioning
  • Heat and friction reducing, anti-microbial top fabric
  • Available in 6 sizes, Toddler 8.5 - Youth 4
  • Provides rear foot stability by properly positioning and cradling the heel
  • Supports and protects the foot
  • Enhances comfort
  • Leaves extra room at the toes
  • Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required
  • Fabric top cover with anti-microbial protection, Royal Blue with Pediatric Print
  • Poron® foam top layer, Blue, 1/16”
  • EVA base, Red


Indications: Mild to moderate over-pronation (flat feet), Lacking arch and foot support, Lacking proper alignment and balance, Excessive motion and muscle fatigue, Foot pain and discomfort.

Ideal Shoe Type: Children’s athletic-type shoes with laces or Velcro-strap closures.

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 WEARING/FITTING DIRECTIONS: Insert Powerstep® 3/4 insoles into your shoes. If necessary, wear a few hours a day until feet are accustomed to better support, and then wear full time. Suggest wearing Powerstep® insoles in all your shoes, even slippers, to give continuous foot support.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  Spot clean with a mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Air dry only. Replace your Powerstep® insoles as needed depending on wear.  

WARNING:  Not intended for persons with severe foot deformities or circulatory disorders resulting in infections or foot ulcerations. Consult your podiatrist or medical professional before using. Always consult a medical professional when experiencing persistent pain, discomfort or swelling.