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Powerstep's line up of styles includes different levels of cushioning, a range of sizes and various lengths to accommodate many different types of shoes and alleviate a variety of foot issues. Discover the Powerstep product that's right for you or your business and help us "Make Every Step a Powerstep"!

You've seen all the commercials, heard all the catchy slogans and tried all of the insoles out there, and they haven't worked. It's time to graduate from insoles to Powerstep's podiatrist recommended orthotics.

Powerstep orthotics do more than just temporarily cushion your feet. By combining balance, support, and cushioning, our podiatrist-designed orthotics relieve foot pain, often completely. Our Powerstep ready-to-wear line can be purchased at select local retailers and here at powerstep.com. Our Powerstep ProTech line is found exclusively in medical offices.

Powerstep offers a full range of heat moldable insoles, Archmolds, including the Ultimate, Maximum, Standard, Lean and Multisport models for optimal performance, health and comfort. The heat moldable technology is quick and easy to use and provides a personalized, custom-like fit.

In addition to our podiatrist recommended orthotics, Powerstep also offers a range of bracing and support products for nighttime use in treating common foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis.

Explore each line by clicking the icons below. Consider Powerstep® - because your feet shouldn't hurt.

Powerstep Retail and Consumer Orthotic Shoe Insoles Powerstep Professional Orthotic Shoe Inserts Archmolds Heat Moldable insoles Powerstep Bracing and Supports
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