Finding the Right Arch Support for Flat Feet

For those who suffer from pain in the feet, legs or back that is related to fallen arches (flat feet), there is a way to feel better. While there’s no actual cure or reversal for fallen arches, shoe insoles for flat feet can provide pain relief.

Although the majority of individuals with flat feet do not experience problems, some do develop painful conditions as a result of fallen arches. Some of these medical issues can include:

- Plantar fasciitis
- Bunions 
- Shin splints
- Tendinitis
- Cartilage damage in the knee
- Lower back pain

The right orthotics for flat feet can help ease the symptoms. And while there's no need to seek treatment if you're currently not experiencing any issues due to flat feet, it’s a good idea to use an orthotic to prevent such problems from occurring, especially if a lot of time is spent on your feet. Here are some suggestions for the best shoe insoles for flat feet:

- Powerstep Pinnacle: The Pinnacle offers maximum cushioning and full support for casual, work and athletic shoes.
- Powerstep Original: Get moderate cushioning and full support in a lower-profile design that will fit in a wide variety of shoe styles.
- Powerkids: Powerstep’s Powerkids insoles for flat feet fit toddlers to teens and provide cushioning and built-in arch support to improve children's foot alignment, posture and balance.
- Signature Dress: These inserts from Powerstep allow you to get the support and cushioning you need in your dress shoes.
- Archmolds: Powerstep’s Archmolds line provides slim to maximum cushioning with heat-moldable EVA sub-layers that give you a custom-like fit.

When first starting out with orthotics for flat feet, users may find a need to wear them for just a few hours per day until the feet become fully accustomed to them. Once wearing them regularly, the orthotics will help align the ankle bones properly and will help to prevent many of the common conditions associated with flat feet.

Be sure to pay attention to your feet and replace your orthotics when they no longer feel as though they’re providing the same level of support. Under normal conditions, this tends to be after 6 or more months.

Still unsure which insole is right for you? Ask your podiatrist or contact Powerstep, the #1 Podiatrist-recommended brand, and we’ll be happy to help!


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