Arch Support for Flat Feet and How Orthotics Help

Arch Support for Flat Feet

Take a look at your feet and what do you see? Does your foot have a dip in the center, or is the bottom of your foot completely flat? Most people can run a finger along the bottom of their foot and outline their arch. However, people with flat feet are not able to do this because they have fallen arches or don’t have any arch at all. This can lead to foot pain caused by strained muscles and ligaments, as well as pain in the hips and knees. Here we’ll examine the causes of flat feet, ways to treat the condition, and how orthotics provide arch support for flat feet.

The Causes of Flat Feet

If you’re flat footed, think about whether you have a parent or family member with the same condition. Flat feet can be caused by genetic factors that run in families, and can simply develop as you age. Oftentimes, injuries, diseases, and other health problems also lead to fallen arches and flat feet. It isn’t uncommon to see flat feet in people who have suffered a foot or ankle injury, or those who suffer from arthritis. Diseases like cerebral palsy, as well as diabetes and obesity can lead to flat feet.


Why Flat Feet are Such a Problem

There are some people with flat feet or low arches who never feel discomfort or pain, and can go on with their every-day lives like normal. However, for others, flat feet can pose major problems. For those who are flat footed, this can lead to more pain and worse symptoms for other foot and leg conditions like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, hammertoe, and bunions.


How Orthotic Insoles Relieve Flat Feet Pain

Flat feet cause misalignment to your body when you walk and run. While orthotic insoles can’t fix flat feet, they can help realign your body a bit and relieve the pain and discomfort you’re feeling. Here’s how insoles and other orthotic products do this:

Extra Cushioning

Orthotic insoles like the Pinnacle Full Length Insoles provide maximum cushioning for people who are dealing with major discomfort from flat feet. With plush cushioning and a design specifically targeted to help with arch support, insoles like these can add a new level of stability and comfort you haven’t gotten before.

The Right Support in the Right Parts of the Foot

When dealing with flat feet, you don’t just need cushioning in the middle of your foot. What you need is support in your heel and at the ball of your foot. SlimTech 3/4 Length Insoles do just this with full contact foot arch support. These insoles have a deep heel cradle for maximum stability and motion control, as well as a metatarsal support feature to protect the ball of the foot.

Maximum Support Right at the Arch

With extreme cases of flat feet, orthotic insoles aren’t always enough. Luckily, there are products like arch boosters that can enhance the relief insoles provide. Arch boosters are latex foam pads that are placed directly under the arch and ideally used alongside insoles that are supporting the heel and ball of the foot. Arch boosters provide extreme arch support and extra cushioning for those who are severely flat footed.


Other Ways to Provide Arch Support for Flat Feet

If orthotic insoles aren’t enough and you’re still coping with flat feet pain, there are several exercises that can assist your efforts to manage flat feet and realign your body. These exercises include:

  • Calf stretching: As mentioned above, ankle injuries are a common cause of flat feet. By stretching out your calves, you can improve your ankle flexibility and prevent the collapse of your arches.
  • Golf ball roll: This exercise takes very little effort and you can do it while watching television or reading a book. As you’re sitting down, place a golf ball under your foot and roll it back and forth along your arch for a couple minutes.
  • Heel raises: By placing your hands on a wall for balance and lifting your heels as high as possible, you’re strengthening lower leg muscles that support your feet and your foot arches.
  • Toe raises: Strengthening your toe muscles is another great way to improve your foot arches. The next time you’re sitting around, start by lifting your big toe without moving your other toes. Then put your big toe down and focus on lifting your other toes one by one.

To help relieve pain from flat feet and provide arch support, explore our line of orthotic insoles.

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