Kid Shoe Insoles Versus Custom Orthotics

Being a kid can be tough. At home you’ve got parents telling you what to do and when to do it, and it seems like you never get a solid reason why. And at school, there are teacher expectations and peer judgments, and it can all get to be a bit much to handle. Add in any sort of medical condition that labels you “different” and you have a whole host of new problems to deal with.

That’s where PowerKids comes into play. These kid shoe insoles by Powerstep provide maximum cushioning and support for mild to moderate pronation (flat feet). Getting proper arch support for flat feet that are causing pain or discomfort is critical.

While many children outgrow pediatric flatfoot, “parents may also notice their child withdrawing from sports and other physical activities that may cause pain in their feet and legs.”* This withdrawal from activities is not just a physical concern – it can affect a child’s emotional and social well-being as well. If you notice this – or a change in the way your child walks, complaints of pain or tenderness in the feet, or heels that tilt outward** – it’s time to schedule a visit to your pediatrician or podiatrist.

Your Child’s Orthotic Options

After a thorough examination, your child’s doctor may recommend custom-created orthotics or a prefabricated orthotic shoe insole. It’s up to you and your doctor to determine what is best for your child’s condition, but here are some things to consider when choosing between custom orthotics and insoles:

- As your child grows, his or her feet will also grow. An expensive custom orthotic will quickly become too small and no longer useful. The less expensive option of kid’s insoles allows you to purchase a new size as needed. PowerKids insoles are available in 6 sizes, Toddler 8.5-Youth 4.

- Children are extremely attuned to judgment by their peers. Even if you’re able to convince your child to wear a custom orthotic at home, he or she may choose to remove it at school to avoid teasing. With shoe insoles for kids, though, the orthotic is hidden from prying eyes and no one is the wiser, meaning your child can feel like he or she is the same as all the other kids. This can do wonders for a child’s well-being.

- Finally, clinical studies have shown that within 4 weeks of use, Powerstep insoles are just as effective in reducing foot pain and disability as custom fabricated orthoses.*** Kid’s insoles can even make your child’s shoes last longer by reducing uneven wear patterns on the soles.****

Be sure to discuss your options and your child’s individual needs with your doctor before moving forward with any decisions, and if possible, include your child in the conversation, as this will go a long way toward teaching him or her to make informed choices about healthcare. Purchase Pinnacle Junior insoles now or contact us to speak to a Powerstep representative and get answers to your questions.

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