Square Toe Post-Op Shoe

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Quick Overview

Powerstep's Square Toe Post-Op Shoe provides post-op protection for forefoot trauma and stress fractures. The strapping is highly adjustable with an extendable toe closure to accommodate swelling or bulky dressings. The square toe design provides additional room and protection for the toes.

Covered under US Patent D718,024

  • Soft, breathable mesh upper material
  • Padded heel collar
  • Rigid heel counter
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Square toe design
  • Semi-rigid rocker bottom
  • Supplied with standard inner sole - optional Contoured Inner Sole (model 7590) available and sold separately
  • Fits right or left foot

  • Design allows for extra toe room and protection
  • Promotes stability and a natural gait
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Polyester mesh foam upper, Black
  • 3/8” EVA foam inner sole, Black
  • EVA outer sole, Black
  • Nylon binding, Black
  • Vinyl toe extension closure, Black
  • Indications: Provides protection after trauma or surgery
  • Download specifications sheet
  • Usage: For use during activity or rest.

Application Instructions:

  1. Remove toe closure extender. Open ankle strap and toe closure.
  2. Place foot in shoe with heel against the back of the shoe.
  3. Comfortably secure the ankle strap.
  4. Fold over toe closure. Attach extender using hook and loop straps to secure closed.
  5. Cut off excess ankle strap length.

Arch Cushion Placement: (Optional for use with standard insole)

  1. If shoe is used as a Left shoe, the cushion will be on the right side. If used as a Right shoe, the cushion should be placed on the left.
  2. Find your arch location and place the tips of the cushion as illustrated. The cushion should extend up the side of the shoe.
  3. When location is determined, peel away adhesive cover and press cushion in place.

Care Instructions: Hand wash shoe using warm water, a damp cloth and mild soap. Air dry. Do not machine wash or dry. Ensure shoe is fully dry before reapplying.

Warning: This product is intended for single patient use. Always consult a medical professional when experiencing persistent pain, discomfort or swelling. This device is only one element in ana overall treatment program. There is no guarantee that injury or symptoms will be resolved with the use of this product. The information provided herein is for educational and reference purposes only.